I am really bad at keeping up with a blog!!

Wow, I was so motivated and excited to keep a blog, and then I totally put it on the back burner!  Hopefully I can start, and keep up with it!  My goal is to inspire tons of parents and get them excited about educating their children, and show, that anyone, as long as you are determined and have faith, can homeschool your children!


Last time I was on here, I think we were still using K12, which to me, is like the ‘gateway drug’ into homeschooling.  We used K12 for kinder and a couple months into first grade.  I was nervous before Kinder, thinking I couldn’t homeschool on my own, that I needed the online public school, fake way of homeschooling, to homeschool my child successfully.. That couldn’t be the furthest from the truth!  K12 gave me the confidence I needed as a parent to know, I can indeed, teach my child, and teach him well!  We made the switch in October, I said, enough is enough, I want to homeschool my kids for real!  I want to call the shots, I don’t want the public schools telling me what my child needs to learn, even if we are at home, and he had never stepped foot into a public school, what we were doing, was in deed, public school at home!   Anyway, I pulled my son out of K12 in October, and ordered Abeka!  AMAZING, best curriculum ever.. They were actually using it at my church’s weekday program and that’s how I found out about it, and got hands on experience with it, before I made the switch… I actually QUIT my weekday job, to stay home full time (except Sunday and Wednesday nights, but I barely work 10 hours a week and my kids come with me) and homeschool my kids to the best of my ability.. Homeschooling is my JOB, it is my life!!! I want to do it the best I can!  We have come a long way since ditching K12 and doing things our own way and I am very blessed and excited.  Abeka is a christian curriculum and it’s one of the top ranking homeschool curriculum’s out there…  Don’t be scared mommas!! If God places it on your heart, HE WILL EQUIP YOU!!! I promise!!!!!!


First day of first grade!

Today we started up school again!  It actually went really well, I think this being our second official year helped a lot because we totally knew what to expect and have smoothed out most of the bumps last year!  Of course we will always be learning new things everyday as how to teach and learn more efficiently and better ways to teach, etc but today went great!  I’m glad!  After we were finished with all our school work Elijah actually told me he wanted to do more! LOL. 
After school work was finished for the day my husband and I went on a 4.3 mile walk, and then came home and ate and I went into work!  It was a good day but now I am exhausted and ready for bed!  Tomorrow I am getting my new car, and we will finally be a 2 car family..  I am so ready for that!  So I can work whenever I am offered extra hours besides my normal hours, and can take the kids to the museums, zoo, parks, etc without having to take my husband to school or wait for him to come home or work around both of our schedules so that is just a huge blessing in itself. 
It’s really just been a huge blessing watching everything fall into place since my husband got out of the Military.  We are both working on Sundays at Shandon now, which is AWESOME.  We get to teach a class together! 
But anyway, just wanted to update really quickly since I haven’t in a little bit!  I will post some pictures in the next day or so and update some more =)

Worship Week

This week our 6 year old is in Worship Week at our church!  He’s learning how to sing, and play the guitar!  He’s having a blast!  I have to admit the little break while he is away is really nice as well =p!

After Worship Week is over we only have 2 weeks until our homeschool year starts back up, I am debating on if  I want to start him early or just wait until the 19th.  We will see!  I still have a few more things to buy, and need to get everything organized and ready!  I am excited to start back up though.  This summer has been really nice and relaxing, but I feel lazy! HA. 

I recently got hired at our church to work Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and special events, I watch babies!  It’s a  blast and it’s really nice to be able to help out financially since my husband got out of the military and is going to college now.  Well I found out yesterday I got the weekday job as well, which I will be a preschool teacher at our church during the school  year!  It’s super part time though, so I will be working about 20 hours a week all together including both jobs at church, and spending about 20-25 hours a week on homeschool.  I’m a little nervous, but excited at the same time.  I will be super busy but seriously there are people who do way more and homeschooling and my job combined equals  out to be the amount of hours someone who works full time works!  My amazing husband is going to be helping out with school work in the morning while I work.  God definitely gave me this job as a huge blessing to our family and I know he wouldn’t put more on my plate than I can handle!  So I know this is totally doable!!! =) So excited!!!! 

We definitely will be making a trip to the zoo, waterpark, and childrens museum in the next two weeks before summer ends!   It definitely doesn’t feel like summer here though after being in Arizona!

Growing up…

Growing up! Something we all look forward to, when we are kids we always talk about how much we can’t wait to grow up, how amazing it’s going to be, and it so is! I wouldn’t go back to being a kid if I could but some truths you learn as you grow older really suck! Learning that everyone is different and regardless of age we all go through different stages of life at different time. Not everyone is nice, and nobody is going to make someone apologize to you for doing you wrong. It’s hard when there are people who you are supposed to be able to count on, and when you grow up you realize you can’t anymore. It is really hard watching people you love throw their lives down the drain and there is literally nothing you can do put pray for them.

Since being Saved Easter of 2010, I have been learning more and more about people, and seeing things in a whole new way. I know in my heart that if everyone got saved and truly accepted Jesus the world would not be the way that it is. I would be able to see eye to eye with people in my family (not my husband or inlaws they are wonderful and I am so blessed). One thing that is really hard for me is seeing people worship materialistic things, or looking for their worth in places other than God. Everyone is so wrapped up on impressing other people and what other people think of them, or what they don’t have that they forget what they do have. They forget who they are, and what they still have the capability to become! The only person worth living for is Jesus because nobody else is going to love you or treat you better than He will. Seriously world, stop looking for your worth in things, don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Jesus is the name above all names, truly believe that! You can rise above your problems with your head held high, you can be restored and you are worthy! Jesus loves you and will take care of you, just give Him the chance to!! Trust! I know the world can be a scary place, and it’s hard to truly not care what everyone else is thinking, or keep thinking about the past and what if this and what if that.. Give your worries to God and get up! Change your life!!!!!!!

I have to remind myself of this ALL the time! I have given up a lot of communication to people in my family because of all the negativity. They have allowed Satan to come in and run their lives and are so wrapped up in things that don’t matter. Opinions that don’t matter.

Give God all the glory for everything in your life! I know this post is all over the place, I’ve come to realize a lot of things the past few days and my mind is all over the place but one thing I am sure of is God is on my side and I will come out of this stronger!!!!!

Thank you